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     Due to the recent vacancy of City Council Member Ty Ellis, the Elk Ridge City Council is seeking applicants for appointment to the Council. The appointment will last until December 31, 2017. The applicant appointed to fill the vacancy could then run to fill the unexpired two-year term of Mr. Ellis.
    All interested citizens of Elk Ridge City are invited to send an application letter to the City which includes the following information:
      1) indicates why the applicant would like to hold this position;
      2) lists the applicant's qualifications for the position;
      3) verifies that the citizen is a registered voter in Elk Ridge City, is a U.S. citizen, and has been                   a resident of Elk Ridge City for 12 consecutive months; and the full name, address and                             telephone number of the applicant.
     Letters must be received at Elk Ridge City Office on or before October 10, 2016; no later than 2:00 pm. All letters should be addressed to:
         Royce Swensen
         Elk Ridge City Recorder
         80 East Park Drive
         Elk Ridge, Utah 84651
     Members of the City Council will review all applications and set up interviews from amongst the applicants. Interviews will be conducted in an open meeting on October 11, 2016 beginning at 6:00 pm at 80 East Park Drive, Elk Ridge, Utah. 
     Any questions should be directed to Royce Swensen at Elk Ridge City Offices, 801-423-2300.


      The second annual Smokin' Hot Fire Department Chili cook off is scheduled for 15 OCT 16 @ 6pm. Mark your calendars and come with your best chili or try some of ours. This will be bigger and better than last year and hope to see many of our neighbors and friends there. This night is also the end of Fire Prevention Week and will be a big information sharing night for anyone interested in being an EMT or Fire Fighter on the department. See Ya'll There! 

      Thanks for the continued support of the fire department. 


The Utah County Health Department will facilitate an immunization clinic on October 17 from 3:00 - 6:00 pm at the Elk Ridge City Office. Please click HERE for a list of vaccines and insurances they accept. For any other questions, please contact the Health Department at 801.851.7044.  


Thank you for you participation in the survey. Click HERE to see the results.


Please do NOT place personal signs, including “Welcome Home”, Yard Sale, “For Sale” signs, etc. IN, ON, or AROUND the roundabout. As a matter of safety as well as aesthetics, those signs are distracting and will be removed by city staff. 

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