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We thank you for your interest in taking this survey. We would like to remind you that only one survey should be completed per household.

The information gathered will be used by the City Council in the various planning and budgeting processes.

We urge you to give careful consideration to your responses and answer each question even though some questions are optional. 
You should plan about 15 minutes to complete the entire survey and using a PC is recommended. The survey is available to take through April 22, 2016.

                                            Click HERE to be linked to the survey. 


The City is required to keep all house plans for 1 year. We are preparing to dispose of any 2013-2014 plans that are stored. We would like to make the plans available to homeowners. Please contact Jan Butler at the City Office to see if your plans are available and to make arrangements for pick up.


The City is currently looking for a part time seasonal employee within the public works department. The position will be required to perform manual labor and general maintenance duties as follows: pick up debris and litter, clean and maintain park pavilion and restrooms, playgrounds and other facilities. Employee will be expected to assist other crew members as needed/directed and perform other related duties as required. The job will be 20 hours per week, Monday thru Friday.
Interested candidates can access the application on the department of workforce services website and email it to 

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