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Campaign Financial Reports - 2015 Municipal Elections

As required, Campaign Financial Reports for the 2015 Elk Ridge City Municipal Elections are posted. Please click on the candidates name to review their individual reports.

Nelson Abbott 1
Nelson Abbott 2
Ty Ellis
Paul Crook
Tricia Thomas
Anita Ault
Dorian Pia
Brittany Thompson
Kelly Rasmussen
Trent Jessee


This is to inform residents of a road closure on West Goosenest Drive beginning January 4. This is a County project and their plans are to re-align the road and to modify the bridge. The closure will be approximately 6-10 weeks so please plan accordingly. 


The City is now using the County's system to relay emergency and city notifications (now referenced by the city as C.A.N.S.). This system allows you to create your personal account. By doing so, you can list your contact information, select the types of notifications you want to receive and the method of how you receive it. Please visit to create and manage your account.

PLEASE NOTE: You will receive all city notifications through all contact methods the city office has on file until you create an account and personalize your account settings.  


The City is required to keep all house plans for 1 year. We are preparing to dispose of any 2013-2014 plans that are stored. We would like to make the plans available to homeowners. Please contact Jan Butler at the City Office to see if your plans are available and to make arrangements for pick up.

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