Commission Meetings

2nd and 4th Thursday at 7pm. 
Work sessions can start at 6pm.
Public is encouraged to attend. 


Chair - Stacey Petersen 
Co-Chair - David Clark
Commissioner - Lisa Phillips
Commissioner - Jim Chase
Commissioner - Paul Crook
Commissioner - Gregg Anderson
Commissioner - Bruce Thorpe
Alt Commissioner - Colin Logue

Commission Staff

:: PC Staff - Brianne Bailey


The Planning Commission

The development code and the general plan for Elk Ridge are governed by an eight-member planning commission. The commission approves all new subdivisions and recommends to the council final passage. All development code amendments and the general plan are also developed by the commission with final approval by the council. Code amendments, general plan updates, and new subdivisions require public hearings to be held at the planning commission level. You are welcome to contact any commissioner or the city planner regarding any development or issue. Conversations outside of the commission meetings shall be disclosed by commissioners at commission meeting.

The planning commission is made up of 7 members and 1 alternate. A chair and vise chair are chosen by the group. Members are appointed by the mayor with the councils consent. Commissioners serve for 5 year terms.