Council Meetings

2nd and 4th Tuesdays at 7pm.
Work sessions generally at 6pm.
Public is encouraged to attend. 

Elected Officials

Mayor - Ty Ellis


Council - Paul Crook

Council - Nelson Abbott

Council - Brittany Thompson

Council - Tricia Thomas

Council - Dale Bigler

Council Staff


City Council / Mayor

Elk Ridge is governed by a five member council and a mayor. The mayor acts as administrator with the council as legislator. Basically, the council enacts city laws and resolutions such as code amendments, new code, subdivision approval, budget, etc., and the mayor enforces and implements them. The mayor acts as the chair of the city council and only votes in times of a split vote. The mayor can and does delegate portions of his duties to council members, which is needed in a small city with limited staff like Elk Ridge. These duties include managing city 
services, fulfilling the multitude of state and federal requirements, collaborating with the many different agencies and other groups that the city needs to work with, and the day to day operational needs of the city. The mayor's term is four years. A councilmember's term is also four years. 

Your Government - Get Involved

Your government works for you. You have the freedom to vote for them, tell them your opinion, and offer your support. If you don't like something about Elk Ridge, get involved. Use this website to contact your elected official. Find their meeting agendas and minutes. Review what your leaders are doing to make Elk Ridge an even better place.

All meetings (except for rare closed council sessions) are open to the public. There are many ways to communicate with the city council. You can start with a telephone call, email or talk to them in person. Also, proposed changes to development code, new or amended subdivisions, vacation of roads, and annexation petitions all require public hearings. Attend your government meetings. Give your input. Participate. In meetings, you are welcome to give comment on any item on the agenda, though it is at the chair's discretion. If you have an item that you would like to have discussed before the City Council, please contact the City Office by 4:00 pm the Wednesday prior to the meeting you would like to attend. 



The dark skies, views, mountains and most importantly the people are what makes Elk Ridge a desirable place to live. I know that as Mayor, I can make a difference and help keep our community beautiful and unique. My previous employment with Elk Ridge City taught me the city's history, the city's present needs and the city's future needs. I know that I can use my knowledge and experience as a great resource for the city.  I want to review and suggest changes to code enforcement. Whether it be to strictly enforced or eliminate codes, I would like all codes reviewed and revised accordingly by the planning commission and city council. I would oversee staff and make sure they feel appreciated. Good employees are worth keeping and are very beneficial to successfully operating a wonderful city. I want to unite the entire community. Residents need to become informed of how the city operates. I encourage all residents to attend city council meetings and become informed of the city decisions and the reasons behind them. I promise to always do what is best for the city as a whole. I will always be available to any resident who has questions, comments or concerns.