Community Development

Elk Ridge is situated in a beautiful hillside setting. The development code is written to preserve the sensitive areas of the city while allowing for responsible development. The development process includes subdividing land, plat amendments, lot line adjustments, vacating roads, conditional land uses, and the general plan.  

The planning commission has jurisdiction over the development code which includes zoning, subdivision, and land use. They create the general plan which is a vision document for the future of the community.  All land use decisions must have a basis from the general plan. New and amended codes and any updates to the general plan must first be approved by the planning commission. Final approval is by the city council.

Each zoning district in the city has permitted and conditional uses allowed. Conditional uses are those that can have more impact on a neighborhood and therefore, in most cases, allowed but can have conditions placed upon them. The planning commission is over conditional uses.

Review the documents to the left for information about the general plan, zoning, code, or download any application you need to start the development process.