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The intersection of Park Drive and Elk Ridge Drive will be temporarily closed due to construction. Constuction is now in progess and will continue for the next 3-4 weeks.

The west curve of the roundabout on Goosenest Drive to Golden Eagle Way will be temporarily closed due to construction. 

Thank you for your understanding. Please plan accordingly.


           Elk Ridge City wants to join the ranks of cities with great flags.  Provo did it.  Every great city deserves a great flag! So, every city in Utah County has a great flag, right? Not quite.  Several cities in the county have flags, but they may not be known by residents.  Maybe they are not flown and not known because the designs are poor.  Maybe some of the other cities in the county without flags have never thought that a “great” design could give positive vibes to residents and visitors.  Maybe those flagless cities have been waiting to understand the 5 principles of good flag design to help them find one they love.

            Elk Ridge is staging a flag design contest that will take place over the next several months prior to its city celebration in June.  The selected flag design committee is now ready to receive submissions, from March 1st until April 15th, 2017 at 12:00pm.  Your submissions can be made online by following the instructions at, or your submissions can be taken to the Elk Ridge city office building with each submission on a 3x5 index card and filling out a submission form, which are available there.

There is no shortage of good designs, and every city can discover a great one that will make its residents rave.  Elk Ridge is going to do just that.  And you can help!  Elk Ridge wants your help!

            Suggested guidelines include: the 5 principles of good flag design described on the submission forms and the website, and an elk represented in the design is preferred. All resident and nonresident designs are welcome.  All submissions will be judged by the Elk Ridge city flag design committee, which will narrow the submissions to a reasonable number to be voted on by city residents between April 16 and May 1.  The design with the most votes will win the contest, and will be presented to the Mayor and City Council for adoption as the official city flag. The winner of the contest will receive a prize from a private donor - a full-size flag in the winning design.  It will also be made into a flag for the city and unveiled at the city celebration June 23rd and 24th.  We expect that all will want to buy and fly their own Elk Ridge city flag!  And we expect that all the cities in Utah County will want to discover their municipal flags and fly them proudly or encourage a design that will do the trick.   


Elk Ridge City has an offical facebook page. Click here for the link and like the page to receive official city information.


As of January 1, 2017, water rates have been adjusted. Please click HERE to see the current base fee and tiered-based water rates. 


Thank you for you participation in the survey. Click HERE to see the results.


Please do NOT place personal signs, including “Welcome Home”, Yard Sale, “For Sale” signs, etc. IN, ON, or AROUND the roundabout. As a matter of safety as well as aesthetics, those signs are distracting and will be removed by city staff. 

Complaint Form

In order to issue a complaint, please complete and submit a complaint form to the city office. Your complaint will then be forwarded to the appropriate department to be addressed. Click HERE to access the complaint form.

After Hours Emergencies

For Water, Sewer, Parks, Streets, Storm Drain Emergencies ONLY

Call 801.857.7171

Any other emergency, call dispactch 801.794.3970 or 911

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