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Midday update:
It is illegal to fly your UAS (drone) in or around a wildfire firefighting operation. A drone was sighted by a pilot flying fire fighting aircraft. Because he was not comfortable flying, he ceased drop operations. Please remember THIS IS A NO FLY ZONE AT THIS TIME. If you see a drone in operation, call the Sheriff at 801-794-3970 and report the illegal activity.
Weather: Today we are close to a red flag warning with low RH and SW winds up to 30mph. Tomorrow is a red flag day with 40mph winds and a chance of light showers and lightening. These are challenging conditions for fire fighters and causes an increase in the fire behavior.
Update: When you call Dominion Energy to have your gas turned back on, (800-323-5517) you need to press #1 when it gives you the options. This will put you in the cue to talk to someone. They are currently telling people that if you are comfortable turning on your on gas and lighting the pilot light, go ahead and do so. If not, they will send someone out to help you. They have technicians standing by today and tomorrow. HOWEVER, if you are one the individuals who live above the golf course, the main line will not be turned back on until Monday. They have the work orders already created and will contact you on Monday to help you with your gas.
The warehouse by the ALC that has supplies for the evacuees (161 E 400 N, Salem) will be open from 12:00pm - 6:00pm today. They will be closing after today. Please feel free to go down and get the items you need. They have some perishable items that need to be given away.

Here is a summary of the meeting tonight:

*The mandatory evacuation has been updated to a pre-evac staus as of 9:00am Saturday, Sept. 22.

*If you did not receive a sticker to put on your car tonight, you may still be admitted with picture ID and proof of residency. Stickers will be available at the check points tomorrow morning after 9:00am. Check points will be in place for the present time. Volunteers will still be needed.

*For the safety of our residents, the Sheriff has requested that you return home, if possible, before 7:00pm as fire operations will increase after 7:00pm.

*A mandatory evacuation is still in place for all surrounding areas behind the City. Please do not take your vehicles into the zone that is still under mandatory evacuation. This endangers our fire fighters and their equipment and you can be cited for trespassing.

*There are still hoses and fire equipment in our area and will be here for awhile. Please be patient if this equipment is in your area.

*If you see a fire, you may call 844-681-5436. This line has been dedicated to reporting fires only. All other emergency situations should still call 911.

*When you come home, please stay home for a while, if possible, to allow a smoother and quicker entry for others coming home.

*If you can, please delay bringing RV's home to facilitate a quicker entry for all of our residents.

*Animals have been pushed down the mountain because of the fire. Please use caution and check the perimeter of your home carefully before going out or leaving animals outside.

*If you turned your gas off when you left, Dominion Energy will have crews on standby Saturday and Sunday to assist you in safely turning the gas back on and relighting pilot lights. Please call 800-323-5517 for assistance.

*The main gas line was turned off for 73 residents living above the golf course. Dominion Energy is aware of who those residents are. They have created work orders for those individuals already and will contact them starting Monday to arrange for a time to turn your gas back on and relight pilot lights.

There will be a joint meeting tonight, Sept. 21, with Woodland Hills residents concerning the evacuation status.  It will be held at 7:00pm at the Salem Hills High School in the gym.

Primary incident operations have been taken over by a Type 1 incident team. Significant resources have been brought in due to this transfer. The BaldMountainFire has become one of the highest priority incidents in the nation and certainly the highest in Utah. The state, county, and local municipalities are all very aware of the situation and are providing awesome support.

The following social media sights contain information about the fire situation.

Twitter: #PoleCreekFire, #BaldMountianFire@UtahWildFire

Facebook: Utah County SheriffIncident Information System

Elk Ridge City has implemented a dedicated number for concerns regarding unique access requests. You may call this number between the hours of 9:00am - 12:00 noon. The number is 435-777-3011.  This phone line will not give fire updates.  If you would like a fire update, you may call 406-848-1940.


Elk Ridge City is offering reduced rates for Salem Library Cards.  Residents who are interested should come to the Elk Ridge City Office to fill out a library card application and pay a $15 fee, cash or check.  Then the application should be taken to the Salem Library to receive a library card.  We are excited to offer this opportunity!  Supplies are limited. If you have any questions regarding this process please call the City Office (801)423-2300.


Elk Ridge City has an offical facebook page. Click here for the link and like the page to receive official city information.

Proclamation Order to Evacuate


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